Looking For Excellence IT Service and Support?  Look To Excellent Networks

All of our clients come to us by word of mouth from other businesses that benefited from our services. They refer us because they know that we provide a variety of IT solutions, but only what a business truly needs. Plus, they know that we ensure their technology is 100% functional, efficient and that their data is always protected. We’re thankful to them for spreading the word about our excellent service and support.

Managed IT Services: In today’s technology-driven world, businesses like yours in and around El Paso, Texas require 24/7 IT support. Our Managed IT Services ensure that you have a designed and managed IT system that will result in increased efficiency, security, and value. We’ll handle everything, from installing and implementing your technology solutions to maintaining and monitoring them to prevent downtime or cyber intrusions that can rob you of your data.

Desktop Care: Downtime and interruptions due to outdated and under-performing workstations will reduce your efficiencies and productivity. We work with leading computer manufacturers to provide the reliable and secure desktops and service your business requires.

Computer Repair: Computer performance is greatly reduced over time due to the accumulation of spyware, unnecessary files, a disorganized hard drive, and worst of all, viruses. By regularly performing maintenance and necessary repairs, we can keep your PCs running safely and smoothly so you and your employees will enjoy the benefits of having a secure and reliable computing experience.

Network and Computer Security: Technology has transformed the way you do business for the better. However, you must ensure it remains secure and constantly monitored, or your data and business will be at risk. Our team will continually monitor and analyze problems, perform troubleshooting, and to ensure security issues are addressed immediately. Network monitoring assesses your security-risks, provides visibility into IT assets, uses automated data feeds to quantify risks, confirms the effectiveness of security controls, and implements necessary remedies.

Our Total Security Offering Includes:

  • Managed Firewalls
  • Managed Threat Prevention
  • Managed AntiVirus
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Total Network Security
  • Compliance Services
  • Risk Assessments

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Services: Your business requires a remote, secure offsite backup to ensure you can always recover your data no matter if it’s lost, stolen or damaged. We do this with:

  • Data management software
  • On-site data backups
  • Cloud data backups

VoIP Solutions: Your business depends on your satisfied customers. You must provide exceptional service every time they call. Choosing the right business phone solution is extremely important. This is where Voice over Internet Protocol excels over other solutions. VoIP allows you to access voice communications from anywhere in the world using the Internet. It also lets you make and receive calls even when phone lines are down.

Cloud Solutions: Cloud computing can increase your employee’s productivity, mobility, security and ultimately, your profitability. However, you must ensure the privacy of your data. Because of this, you need a provider that offers Cloud IT Services that mitigate security threats and compliance issues. Cloud computing uses networks of remote servers accessed over the Internet to store, process, and manage data. Today’s forward-thinking businesses use cloud services to reduce data loss risks, increase staff mobility, cut unnecessary costs, and benefit from a scalable IT environment.

Mobile Device Management: With the increased use of mobile devices at work, businesses today need secure mobile solutions. Mobile Device Management ensures your employees use their devices in a secure and controlled manner. Plus, if they’re lost or stolen, we can remotely lock, and if necessary, erase them to protect your confidential data. We can do this across multiple mobile service providers or on a variety of mobile operating systems.

IT Consulting Services: Our consultants will work with you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of your infrastructure, technology history, applications, and IT management landscape to realign and improve your organization’s IT operations with the best, most cost-effective technology solutions. Our IT Strategic Planning Services are forward-looking and innovative yet firmly grounded in practical, cost-effective solutions that provide value. These Excellent services are provided by our IT leaders who are seasoned professionals and can provide the direction and management your business requires to succeed in today’s ever-changing, technology-driven environment.

Virtualization Services: Virtualization is now the dominant computing platform for today’s businesses. It partitions your physical servers into smaller virtual ones. Each of these virtual machines (VMs) runs its own operating system. This immediately maximizes your server resources. Systems Virtualization is a great way to improve your business’s efficiencies and capabilities. Those who use Systems Virtualization can’t imagine running their business without it.

You can trust the Excellent Networks team for Excellent IT Service and Support for your business in the El Paso Area. For a free and honest assessment of your IT needs, contact us or call (915) 875-0367.