Did you realize that when your employees bring their mobile devices to work, you should expect some of your data to go out the door when they do?  No matter why they leave, whether they’re laid off, go on vacation or take their mobile devices home for both personal and business use, you probably don’t scan them to find out what business data they contain. 

Who would have thought, even twenty short years ago, that you could use a little phone to do business instead of a big chunky computer? That’s today’s reality and tomorrow’s norm. Many modern companies are now implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that permit employees to work with their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, with this new wave in the workplace, there come many risks where your business data is concerned.

Are you worried about the confidential business data on your employees’ mobile devices?  You should be!

Rather than prohibit the use of mobile devices, you should embrace it. IT mobility is necessary when employees work outside of the office. They need to use their mobile devices to not only communicate but to complete tasks and work on projects. For this reason, it’s essential to monitor mobile devices for security and to maximize collaboration through syncing technologies.

With the proliferation of mobile device use and BYOD to work, your business needs secure mobile device solutions that:

  • Remotely locate or lock a stolen device.
  • Wipe only business data from a personal device.
  • Continuously monitor and manage devices.
  • Implement secure passcode policies.
  • Enforce encryption policies.

With Mobile Device Management from Excellent Networks, your employees can securely send and receive emails, collaborate on projects, share files, store digital information, and use your business applications on their mobile devices without the concern of compromised, lost or stolen data.    

You’ll have a solution that remotely locates and locks a lost or stolen device, enforces encryption, secures passcode policies, deletes your business data from employees’ mobile devices, and remotely monitors and manages them 24/7.

What About Consumer-Based MDM Solutions Like Find My iPhone? Can’t We Use These?

With the increase of mobile device use and BYOD to work, your business requires enterprise-based mobile device solutions.  This is the only way you can ensure your staff uses their devices in a secure and controlled manner.

What If Our Employees Use Different Mobile Device Platforms Like iPhones and Androids?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) protects your data whether it’s deployed across multiple mobile service providers or on a variety of mobile operating systems.

How Can We Be Sure Our Employees’ Mobile Devices Are Synced Properly?

In addition to keeping mobile device contents secure, you must ensure that your company’s tablets and phones are always in sync and up-to-date with the latest operating software. MDM can do this even if your employees use different brands of devices. This will increase their productivity, efficiency, and the ability for them to collaborate effectively.

But, Mobile Device Management is more than keeping your employees connected. You need service and support that keeps them working towards your organization’s goals.

What Kind Of Mobile Device Service & Support Does Excellent Network Provide?

Proactive Security – Security is a major concern when working from any computer device, but especially when using mobile devices. They can be more difficult to protect than your desktop computers.

Upgrades and security updates can be neglected if you and your employees are busy. Plus, they can take up a lot of your time. Integrating employees’ mobile devices into your IT infrastructure can be complex and confusing, and it must be done correctly to ensure security. Let us handle this for you.  With our proactive security solutions, monitoring, and management, we’ll ensure your data is safe when it’s stored or in transit.

Remote Wipe Capabilities – As we mentioned earlier, if your employees misplace their mobile devices, we can remotely wipe the data from them. This gives you the peace of mind that unauthorized users won’t be able to retrieve your confidential digital information if they find the device.

Find My Device Technology – If an employee loses their phone or tablet, we can locate it with our remote device location solution. We can do this for any brand of device. Consumer applications aren’t enough. You need an enterprise-based “find my device” solution.

Support for Compliance of Regulations – Most industries must adhere to codes, policies, and standards to protect against data breaches. If one occurs and your organization was out of compliance, including from the information on your mobile devices, you could be in for hefty fines and expensive litigation.  The team at Excellent Networks ensure the confidential data on your employees’ mobile devices remains that way.

Unified Synchronization – Flexibility is one of the benefits of mobile technology. The ability to work from anywhere at any time, and on any device makes your staff more efficient and productive. We can synchronize all of your office and mobile devices to keep your employees up to date.

Collaboration Solutions – Unless your mobile devices are set up properly your team won’t be able to work together as you need them to. With our MDM solutions, you’ll be assured that anyone you authorize can collaborate as required while keeping others out.

Application Management – You update the technology on your desktops, why not your mobile devices? Excellent Networks can handle this for you, so you never need to worry if your mobile applications are up to date. We’ll also do some research for you to learn if you’re using the applications that will best support your business.

Help With Procurement of Your Mobile Devices – When you need to purchase a mobile device, come to us. We’ll help you get the best prices, and determine which brands or devices best suit your business needs.

There are many benefits your business will realize when your employees use mobile devices securely. It will boost your productivity and increase employee satisfaction because they can work where and when they need to.   

How Do We Get In Touch?  Excellent Networks is right here in El Paso and ready to work for you.   

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