Why Choose Excellent Networks As Your Technology Solutions Provider? Because Our Name Speaks For Itself!

We keep our clients’ systems up and running, improve their efficiency and productivity, and keep their IT safe from the ever-growing number of threats out there today.

Many business owners, managers, and employees look to their computers, software, and networks to help them get their work done. They expect that their IT solutions will work for them and increase their productivity, not cause problems. When IT doesn’t work, it’s a shock to them. They ask, “Why me? Why today?” Suddenly, their technology becomes a burden rather than a help. We can prevent this.

This typically happens when hardware and software aren’t maintained properly. This requires a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Our complete Managed IT Services provide the peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of and that your computers and software will work for you every day.

It’s not expensive either and is less expensive than trying to solve a problem after the fact. Downtime is expensive! Proactive IT Services aren’t! We’ll provide everything you need for a fixed monthly fee that’s predictable, and that you can easily work into your budget.

The team of professionals at Excellent Networks works hard to resolve any pain points our clients have with their technology. We’ll ensure your IT solutions are appropriate for your needs, up to date and promote your efforts. Unlike others, we don’t nickel and dime our clients. We’ll work within your budget to provide expert, fast and reliable service every time. It’s our job to make using IT easy for you. Our excellent techs will make it convenient, secure and efficient for you to use. They’ll meet with you, learn about your business, analyze your existing IT, and then provide solutions to improve your business processes with the right solutions.

Why Choose Us? Because Your Business Will Thrive With Excellent Networks

24/7 Help Desk IT Support: No matter what, you’ll always have the excellent support from our help desk technicians. They can answer your IT-related questions and help to resolve problems either remotely or by sending someone to your site as quickly as possible.

Proactive IT Solutions: We’ll save you time and let you focus on getting your work done by implementing proactive solutions to stop IT issues before they start. Regular maintenance and best practices eliminate common problems and keep your technology at its best. Our 24/7 monitoring catches problems as soon as they occur so they can be quickly and efficiently resolved.

Expert Managed Services: You’ll have all the IT services and support that your business needs for a predictable fixed monthly rate that’s easy to work into your budget. Our excellent IT experts will take care of everything you need, so all you have to do is focus on your work. Our Remote Management and Monitoring works behind the scenes to prevent downtime, IT interruptions or cyber intrusions. If an issue requires an onsite visit, we’ll be there quickly to fix it.

Email & Network Security: Our Managed Security with firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus will protect your business from viruses and malware and keep your confidential and proprietary information safe from the cyber mafias.

Cloud Computing: With a secure cloud solution you’ll have easy access to your data, increased security and reliability that lets your authorized staff access your digital information from wherever they have an internet connection. Plus, they can collaborate in real time on projects without having to send emails back and forth.

 Desktop and Network Support: Our expert network engineers are certified in the technology solutions you use. They provide honest and reliable support if you experience issues with your workstations or any aspect of your IT network. We work for you, so you can work for your customers.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: With reliable, recoverable data backups and virtualization of your system, workstations, and applications you’ll have everything you need if a disaster hits and destroys your computers and servers. Our disaster recovery and business continuity planning ensure that you’ll always be able to recover your important systems and data. We’ll get you back up and running immediately from wherever you have an internet connection.

Strategic IT Planning: We keep your unique business requirements and goals in mind to provide technology options that will increase your efficiencies, save you time and your money. Our certified IT professionals can engineer the most-optimized network solutions to meet your business needs today and tomorrow.

There’s so much more we can do, and so many more reasons why you should choose Excellent Networks for your IT Service and Support. Contact us and we’ll visit your site in the El Paso, TX, or Las Cruces, NM area. Once we meet, you’ll know what we mean.

For a free and honest assessment of your IT needs, contact us or call (915) 875-0367.