Cloud Services

“Is the cloud worth it? How can I take advantage?”

The cloud has the potential to revolutionize your business processes. We’ll show you how.

If you’ve never thought about migrating your business to the cloud, the time is now. Think of the cloud like your computer tower and its monitor. None of the computing takes place in the monitor, it happens in the computer, which sends the results at nearly the speed of light to your monitor. The cloud takes this one step further by doing the computing in massive server farms across the globe and transmitting the results over the internet to your computer. Instead of having a single small computer, you rent access to a massive network of supercomputers and virtually endless digital storage.

What does this mean for your business? Using the cloud, you can increase employee productivity by enabling real-time document sharing and editing (no more emailing docs back and forth), as well as access your data from anywhere there’s internet. Also, once your servers and data storage are housed off-site, your operating costs will drop. Need to hire more employees? You can scale your cloud systems up or down as needed in seconds. With cloud services from Excellent Networks Inc., you get all this plus an experienced team managing your cloud system for you.

Cloud Solutions from Excellent Networks Inc. are:

  • Secure – Sleep soundly knowing your apps and data are stored at protected data centers
  • Mobile – Access the cloud from anywhere with any internet-enabled device
  • Scalable – Add or subtract users with ease
  • Cost-Effective – Save on hardware, software, and energy costs
  • Easy-to-Use – Sit back and enjoy the benefits of your cloud system while our technicians keep it running at peak performance


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