We Fix the Computer Problems that Drive You Crazy! 

The Blue Screen of Death! Error Messages! Persistent Spinning Wheels! Computers crash every day – usually because of errors in operating systems or computer hardware. As technology advances, so do technical issues.

Computer problems aren’t always easy to resolve. Software errors are the most common problems that cause crashes, but hardware errors are devastating and harder to diagnose. The random access memory (RAM) in your computer can shut down intermittently. The data stored in RAM gets corrupted and causes computer downtime. The CPU can also cause crashes if it heats up when the fan in your computer fails. Plus, computers often get infected with viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware and Trojan horses. There are so many things that can go wrong!

These errors often come and go and are difficult to diagnose because they aren’t consistent. What you need is an expert technician to remotely observe what’s going on and document it. When you rely on our Managed IT Services from Excellent Networks, we do this for you. Plus, we can prevent computer and network issues that can halt your operations.

Excellent Networks provides proactive support to keep you up and running. Our team will meet with you to learn about your business operations and objectives, so we can develop and implement the optimal IT solutions to meet your technology needs.

Our Managed IT Services Are Custom-Designed to Meet Your Business Requirements

Managed IT Services must be viewed as part of the larger corporate entity. Your IT network and computer systems should be designed and implemented to complement your operations and add value to your business. The IT products and services you use must not only meet your requirements as well as your budget.

The Excellent Networks team will improve your business’s efficiencies with the right technologies. We know that affordable, efficient, secure and peak-performing information technology is mandatory for your success.

We offer two Managed Services Plans, one with unlimited remote support. Both plans include:

Webroot AntiVirus Webroot’s cloud-based program stops millions of threats in real time to help protect your business. It blocks the latest malware, phishing, and cyber-attacks.

OS Patch Management Patches fix problems with software that occur after the initial release. Patches typically have to do with security. Others may deal with specific functionality for programs.

Web-filtering Software A Web filter directs users away from certain websites by effectively preventing their browsers from loading pages from those sites. It’s a security tool that provides an essential layer of centralized, server-side protection from security threats before they show up on your computer devices.

Server Offsite Backup Backups are essential. However, if you’re only performing backups onsite to hard drive or USB drives, your files will still be at risk. You must store files in an enterprise-based cloud solution. This protects your data from catastrophic events or robberies.

Desktop Documents Backup This is known as a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It’s a technique that enables access to a virtualized desktop that’s hosted remotely over the Internet. It includes software, hardware and other resources required for the virtualization of a desktop system. VDI saves you money, provides faster application deployment, offers more storage for your data, improves IT security, and supports business continuity and disaster recovery.

Risk Intelligence Scanning This is an online vulnerability scanning and risk assessment solution that detects security gaps in your IT system and removes risks as they materialize. It’s also known as Vulnerability Scanning.

Teamviewer Remote Control This gives us the functionality to control your devices and deal with any issues remotely. This way, with your permission, we can resolve problems no matter where you are.

With custom-designed Managed IT Services from Excellent Networks you’ll know that your IT infrastructure will be properly designed, managed, and monitored to increase your organization’s productivity, security, and value.

For a free and honest assessment of your IT needs, contact us or call us at (915) 875-0367.